Maroon Simba

EMS Foot Massage Pad Electric Stimulator Massager Unit Rechargeable



Adopts the low frequency pulse technology (EMS) for foot, ankle, muscle massage

6 Modes and 9 adjustable intensity levels

15 minutes is a course of treatment

Easy to clean and wide applications



*Effective Foot Massager*:Adopts the low frequency pulse technology(EMS) for foot; ankle; muscle massage to promote blood circulation and get to relax.
*6 Modes & 9 Intensity Levels*:6 modes and 9 adjustable intensity levels can directly stimulate the acupuncture points and relieve soreness; swelling; leg pain; reduce fatigue and improve sleeping quality.
*15 Minutes Auto Off*:15 minutes is a course of treatment; when the time is due; it will automatically shut off; no worry about forget to shut it off. A regular treatment is helpful to your health.
*Portable & Easy To Clean*:This foot massage mat is soft; lightweight and foldable; easy to carry to anywhere; even in travelling; you can also enjoy foot massage. The material of this mat is easy to clean; just wipe it with a half wet towel and dry it after use.
*Wide Applications*:It can fully balance the foot and heel; relax the calf muscles and form the calf. It is also suitable for office worker; travelers; middle-aged; elderly people and women who wear high heels; which can greatly relieve muscle and feet.

Not to use if you have high blood pressure.


​ Product Type: EMS Foot Massager
Color: Black
Material: Leather; Plastic
Voltage: 1.5V
Frequency: 1~100Hz
Output: Max 98Ma
Mode: 6 Modes
Intensity: 9 Levels Of Intensity
Battery: 240mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time: 2Hrs
Operating Time: 15 Minutes
Power Method: USB Rechargeable
USB Cable Length: 30cm/11.81in
Item Size: 31.5x28cm/12.4x11.3in
Item Weight: 96.5g/0.22lbs
Package Size: 34x15.5x2.7cm/13.4x6.1x1.07in
Package Weight: 220.5g/0.49lbs

*Package Lists*:

1x Electric Foot Massage
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

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