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INVISMILE Teeth Whitening Device Wireless FDA Dual Light Technology





Product description

This kit includes:

1x Wireless dual light LED Activation Light

3x 2ML Refill Wand with Proprietary Blend Teeth Shade Guide


Quick and painless – Use once a day for 8 minutes to remove stains from coffee; wine; soda; smoking; and more with light-activated acceleration technology.

Effectively whiten your teeth using the most advanced teeth whitening technology and advanced ingredients delivering dental grade results; the same technique you’ll find at the dentist; but from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Designed to fit around your schedule; you can use this treatment as necessary to whiten your teeth.

Experience up to an 8 Shade Whiter Smile in 15 days with our enamel safe Hydroxide Peroxide Formula.

Many people experience whitening after the first application of IVISMILE. Teeth whitening light accelerates the whitening gel process to break down stains on the teeth and whiten faster.

Light contains 16 powerful LED bulbs and has a built-in 8-minute timer with an alarm; so you can easily keep track of your whitening session time.

Includes (3) whitening gel syringes containing 0.1% hydroxide peroxide and a total of 15 whitening treatments. Our universal tray fits any mouth; requires no molding and allows you to whiten the top and bottom teeth at the same time comfortably.

Use once a day for 8 – 30 minutes and remove stains from coffee; wine; soda; tea; smoking and more.

See visible results and whiter teeth after just 1 teeth whitening treatment with this system. Repeat for 15 – 45 days or until desired whitening results are achieved.

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