Portable Cordless Oral Teeth Irrigator 320ml - Dental Massage Flosser


Cleans tooth surface, plaque, food debris, tartar, tongue, etc. Massages gums and regulates mouth hygiene.

Rechargeable and portable teeth water spa for your mouth care.

Package includes 2 family tips.


  • Cleans the surface of the tooth plaque
  • Waterproof (clean your teeth while you shower)
  • Keeps your mouth clean
  • Strongly removes food debris stuck in the tooth
  • Makes a more pure and fresh breath
  • Cleans tongue and removes bad breath
  • Massages and stimulates gums
  • Solves difficult Oral hygienes during any dental treatments


  • Water tank capacity: 200ml
  • Australian AU Plug
  • Voltage in: 200-240V/AC @ 50/60Hz;
  • Power: 5W
  • Power/Mode regulation: Normal; soft; massage
  • Prime time: 15 seconds
  • Pressure in PSI: 30-90 psi
  • 3 pressure modes
    • Normal pressure: 60~90 psi
    • Soft flow: 30~50 psi
    • Massage flow: 60~90 psi
  • Empty flow: 200ml/imn
  • Motor rotation in RPM: 1100~1900 rpm
  • Nose: level: not exceed 75 dB

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